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Episode 10 Leaked Information Empty Episode 10 Leaked Information

Post  Reaper on Tue Nov 01, 2011 2:27 am

[Story Information]

Episode 10 Battles
1. Left Guardian - Electric Dragon
2. Right Guradian - Ice Dragon
3. The Guardian of Time - Dragon Elchulus again ( unsure )
4. The destiny begins - Keaghan
5. Episode 1 Battle "Friends" Challenge ( Infinite mobs )

New Title:
Realizing the fate of Tieve ( 티이의 운명을 알게 된 )
Knowing the fate of Tieve, is there any way to save Tieve? ( 티이의 운명을 알게 되었다. 티이를… 구할 방법은 없을까? )

Descend Of Goddess 여신 강림
Goddess and... ( 여신과… )
another God has descended. ( 그리고 또 다른 신이 강림하였다. )

Since Keaghan was the only "monster" in that battle, I thought he was the boss, but then I took a look at the related story outline:
"GameUI_Heroes_Story_E10M_06_kadan_A_PhaseText" "전투 {quest_kadan_general:uqest}에서 카단을 구하자." Rescue Keaghan in the Battle [quest_kadan_general]
"GameUI_Heroes_Story_E10M_06_kadan_A_Action0" "전투 {quest_kadan_general:quest:를} 완수하고 오자" Complete Battle [quest_kadan_general를]

"heroes_monster_npc_dragon_elculous" "엘쿨루스"
"heroes_monster_npc_dragon_bugeikloth" "뷔제클로스"
"heroes_monster_npc_dragon_siglint" "지그린트"
"heroes_monster_npc_dragon_ancient_elculous" "고대 엘쿨루스"
"heroes_monster_npc_dragon_ancient_bugeikloth" "고대 뷔제클로스"
"heroes_monster_npc_dragon_ancient_siglint" "고대 지그린트"
"heroes_monster_npc_kadan_general" "카단" <---Keaghan

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