Potential alternative to BH/Swift set for Karok and Fiona

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Potential alternative to BH/Swift set for Karok and Fiona Empty Potential alternative to BH/Swift set for Karok and Fiona

Post  RHINO_Mk.II on Tue Nov 22, 2011 6:34 pm

Right now, the Black Hammer + Swift combo is considered the strongest overall mix of armor for the 3 strength based classes because it offers strong offense with amazing defense as well. While playing around on VinDB today, I found an alternative which I believe offers slightly more useful stats for Karok and Fiona, as they value WIL higher than the AGI bonus provided by BH/Swift. While Lanns will probably still prefer BH/Swift because AGI adds damage to their smashes, WIL is overall a more useful stat for Karok and Fiona. This new set also takes advantage of the +18 DEF per piece of plate armor over heavy armor when you have both masteries maxed, as well as being cheaper at current market prices.

Here is the comparison:

Black Hammer + Swift Combo (BH Head, Chest, Pants; Swift Gloves, Boots)
Weight: 534
STR: 703
AGI: 215
WIL: 90
Crit Resist: 50
DEF: 3480

New Combo (Ingkells Chest, Gloves, Boots; Swift Head, Pants)
Weight: 593
STR: 697
AGI: 155
WIL: 121
Crit Resist: 57
DEF: 3513

New Combo - BH/Swift (Difference in stats)
Weight: +59 (Weight is negligible at this point in the game, so the extra weight is irrelevant)
STR: -6 (Granted, a slight decrease in strength. This is roughly -10 ATK)
AGI: -60 (Looks bad at first, but basically it only counts for 30 DEF. The other effects of AGI are negligible.)
WIL: +31 (Nice, an increase in Crit, Crit damage, Standing Endurance, and Life flare chances! About half a percent more on each)
Crit Resist: +7 (This bonus puts you almost at the highest enemy's crit rate, so you barely have to worry about being crit at all)
DEF: +33 (Looks a bit small, but remember you get +36 additional defense from having 2 extra pieces of plate armor from the mastery)
DEF difference factoring in bonuses from AGI and plate mastery: +39

In summary, you trade about 10 ATK for 31 WIL, 7 Crit resist, and 39 DEF. The crit resist in particular is enticing to a Karok because they aren't already capped on it like a Fiona due to their shield's stats.

In case you were wondering why I consider AGI to be effectively just a boost to DEF, the other things it affects are 1) Time to stand up after being knocked down if you don't use a roll/windmill to stand up right away, as you would in almost every case and 2) A tiny increase in stamina regeneration speed which is negligible once you have maxed combat respiration.

For anyone interested in the item comparison link on VinDB click here.


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