Boat 5/6 Hero Mode Enchant Scroll Drop List "Updated"

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Boat 5/6 Hero Mode Enchant Scroll Drop List "Updated"

Post  Reaper on Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:46 am

I well update the list every few weeks whenever a new scroll is found.

Source of the Rumor - Impending
Bandits - Clear
Fruitful - Valor
The Last Fragment - Maelstrom
The Contract - Force, Sentinel, Maelstrom, Tricky, Intense "Stonehenge Currently Farming"
Rocktune's Cabin - Master
Chicanery - Prideful
Rocky Wilderness - Intense
Colhen In Flames - Enhanced
Rescue - Enhanced
Irukul - Warlord, Gallant
The Investigation - Tricky
Pursuit - Nimble
Cadet's Challenge - Stone
Herb Lands - Solid
Gremlin Lair - Adjusted
Buried Sorrow - Rounded
Weeping Queen - Berserker, Impending, Dominance
Shady Forest - Relentless, Ornate, Maelstrom
Fight That Must Be Won - Oblivion
Two Moons - Impending
Avatar of Destruction - Force

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